• The People's Path to Power

    Empowering the African people through solar industry products and content provider partnerships.

  • The Jabo Mission

    Helping Lead the African People's Path to Power

    The name Jabo is one of African Origin meaning "Ja People".

    Thus, it is Jabo's mission to become an innovative and strategically focused business to help lead the African People's Path to Power! The path to power is one of both electrification/connectivity/e-commerce development and economic development/wealth creation.

    Around the globe, over a billion people lack access to electricity with more than half located in sub-Saharan Africa. Jabo is an off-grid Solar Industry focused company that leverages its products and content provider partnerships to build a platform to power and empower the African People.

  • Connect. Reach. Empower.

    A Complicated Problem with a Simple Solution


    the People's Communities


    the People's Youth


    the People's Next Generation of Leaders


    the People's Entrepreneurs

  • Our Team

    Hon. LaDoris (Dot) Harris

    Founder, Chairman and CEO

    Lillie G. Reid, PMP


    Dr. Gloria B. Herndon

    Board Director & Senior Advisor

    Robert Loughan

    Board Director & Strategic Advisor

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